Introducing Flux
A comprehensive solution for modern financial institutions
Flux is a cutting-edge solution designed to cater to the diverse needs of financial institutions. It offers a comprehensive set of features, allowing financial institutions to excel in today's digital landscape.
Here's a brief overview of its key features:
Automated Trade Execution, Pool Management & Hedging
Flux provides powerful analytical mapping and execution capabilities for enhanced decision-making and financial management.
Asset Management
Supporting derivatives, digitals, cryptos, and CBDCs, Flux ensures comprehensive and compliant asset management.
Multi-dimensional Account Structures
Flux enables complex analytical spaces for real-time account management, accommodating various treasury and portfolio needs.
Actors & Organizational Authorization Models
Offering flexible and adaptive role management, Flux helps financial institutions efficiently handle access rights and permissions.
Flux offers ready-to-use solutions tailored to specific business cases such as Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs), Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Institutions, and Crypto Exchange Houses.
Flux Editor: Your Magical Wand for Financial Configuration
The Flux Editor empowers you to effortlessly customize and configure your financial institution's operations using a visual "drag and drop" interface. With this powerful tool, you can easily modell and orchestrate you economic events, from transaction processing till the respective GL entries.
Analytical maps
Design comprehensive analytical maps to visualize and optimize your financial strategies.
Account, Actor, and Asset Structures
Configure the most efficient and streamlined structures for managing your financial resources, personnel, and assets.
Paths of Money
Map out and refine the flow of funds within your organization, ensuring seamless transactions and financial management.
Experience the
Future of Finance with Flux
Don't miss the opportunity to transform your financial institution with Flux, our comprehensive and innovative solution. Give your organization the edge it needs to thrive in the digital age.
Implementation journey
Scope discovery, often termed as the foundation of project management, is an essential phase in any project lifecycle. This process involves understanding, defining, and detailing what is included in a project and, equally as important, what is not. A thorough scope discovery can make the difference between a project that is delivered on time and within budget, and one that exceeds its timelines, costs, and resource allocation.
Best practice suggestions involve offering recommendations based on industry standards, previous experiences, and expert insights. This stage ensures that the software is designed and implemented following proven methodologies, thereby minimizing risks and enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.
Analytical modeling, or analytical mapping, is a vital step in Perfinal's implementation journey where the client's financial operations are closely surveyed. Working in collaboration with the client's financial experts, Perfinal's team defines the account structure, essentially creating an analytical "map" of the organization's accounts. This mapping identifies the possible sequences of asset movements between accounts, known as "money paths." These movements are triggered by various "Economic Events" within the client's business practice. By recognizing these chains of movements, or changes in account balances, as Economic Events, Perfinal ensures that the software system is accurately parameterized to align with the unique financial landscape of the client.
System setup in a sandbox environment is a critical stage where the software is installed and configured in a controlled, isolated space. This allows for thorough testing and fine-tuning without affecting the live environment. By simulating real-world conditions, potential issues can be identified and resolved before deployment, ensuring a smooth transition.
The live launch of the software is the final and decisive phase where the software goes into production. After rigorous testing and validation in the sandbox environment, the software is implemented into the live operational environment. This marks the completion of the implementation journey and the beginning of the software's active use, providing the client with the desired financial solutions.
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