Empowering Digital Banking for Neobanks and Commercial Banks
Transform your digital banking experience with Perfinal's comprehensive E-Money solutions designed to accelerate growth and foster innovation.
FLUX offers versatile functionality, operating both independently and in parallel with other systems, depending on the orchestration of the solution. It can seamlessly integrate with legacy core banking systems, taking charge of comprehensive orchestration for specific business services. This includes launching family banking or Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) initiatives, and even managing crypto accounts within traditional banking operations.
E-Money System for Commercial Banks and EMIs
Navigate the world of E-money, Regulated Crypto, and CBDCs with a dedicated innovation partner.
E-Money BaaS System for Commercial Banks
Provide Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) to EMIs while implementing your own AML/Fraud rules and robust portfolio management.
Faster, Simpler, and Stronger E-Money Services
Perfinal's 3-in-1 solution (fiat, e-money, fiat+e-money) streamlines the process of launching and scaling E-Money services by replacing traditional physical strategies with analytically-synced treasury management.
Automated and Dedicated Reporting
Maximize your ROI with cost-effective solutions that enhance your operations
Advanced Pocketing for Children and Families
  • Children's pockets with parental controls, limits, and government subsidies
  • Family/shared pockets with assigned ownership and limited rights
  • IBAN-assigned pockets with varying interest, access, and ownership
  • Virtual Card assigned to specific pockets
  • Integration with mobile payment solutions
Customizable BaaS for E-Money Institutions
Expand your service offerings to E-Money clients by providing BaaS solutions with your own AML/Fraud rules, improved risk management, and the option to manage customer onboarding backend.
Analytically-Synced Portfolio Management
Efficiently manage dedicated portfolios and treasuries for each EMI client within a single core banking system, reducing overheads and simplifying scaling.
Streamlined Portfolio Creation
Perfinal's virtual-level capability eliminates the need for slow and costly physical integrations. Create new portfolios for clients with just a few clicks, expediting the onboarding process.
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