What is Perfinal?
Navigate the world of E-money, Regulated Crypto, and CBDCs with a dedicated innovation partner.
At Perfinal, we're a diverse crew of financial software development experts unified by a shared ambition: innovation. Crafting financial software is akin to navigating the vast universe—it requires multidisciplinary knowledge and a profound understanding of industry intricacies. We've experienced the bottlenecks of legacy banking systems firsthand—the IT operational hurdles and the reporting black holes. Now, we're on a mission to smooth the journey through the cosmos of financial innovation for everyone. Excited to drive the financial breakthroughs of tomorrow, we invite you aboard as we continue our endless voyage through the universe of financial innovation!
Your Stellar Navigators
Máté Brezovszki
Navigating the finance universe from BIG4 auditing to top-tier banking compliance optimization and fintech building, Mate charts Perfinal's course.
Imre Fazekas
With 15+ years of crafting and integrating core banking systems in top-tier EU banking, Imre engineers our journey through the cosmos of innovation.
engineering team lead
Tibor Balla
As Perfinal's orchestrator and development lead, Tibor pilots our compliant core banking technology development, setting the pace for our mission.
Head of projects
Máté Ligeti
An alumnus of BIG4 Management Consulting and Investment Banking, Mate steers Perfinal's business development, igniting new stars in our galaxy of services.
Chief legal officer
Csaba Gerencsér
From BIG4 management consulting to compliance officer and crypto regulation researcher, Csaba ensures our voyage adheres to the constellations of compliance.
Front-End Architect
Gergely Szabo
Front-End Architect
Gergely navigates the cosmos of UI/UX, piloting Perfinal's frontend and admin page development. His mastery of design principles and code translates into intuitive and visually captivating interfaces, enhancing our journey through the universe of financial innovation.
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