Regulated Solutions
for Crypto Asset Service Providers
Achieve compliance and innovation with an integrated ecosystem tailored for the evolving crypto regulatory landscape.
For crypto companies aspiring to level up their operations to meet regulatory requirements, proper client treasury safekeeping and fund monitoring are fundamental. Even operating a FIAT-Crypto exchange involves numerous external integrations for wallet management, liaising with various liquidity providers, and coordinating with external AML signalers. Perfinal comes into play as an inclusive management tool, facilitating the operation of these services. Our key features include real-time management of payable/receivable balances across partners, diligent transaction monitoring, seamless authorisation, and workflow-based transaction processing. These essential functionalities are well-aligned with the expectations of forthcoming regulations, ensuring your crypto business is future-ready.
Embrace MiCA Compliance
Prepare for the anticipated Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) EU regulations and stay ahead of the curve.
Lightweight Core Banking & Integrated Ecosystem
Leverage Perfinal's Auto-Sync Treasury Management and seamlessly integrate with Wallet-as-a-Service providers, OTC crypto exchanges, and KYT providers for a comprehensive approach to crypto-asset services.
Automated Reporting, Accounting & AML/Fraud Management
Ensure regulatory compliance with automated solutions tailored for crypto exchanges and trading platforms.
Empowering Web3 Companies and Banks
Enable Web3 companies and banks to adopt regulated crypto operations, using proven core banking technology for easy regulatory compliance.
Embark on Your Crypto Transformation Journey with Perfinal
Perfinal is committed to facilitating your journey towards regulated crypto services, whether you're launching a new venture or aiming to upgrade your existing operations. Our meticulously crafted four-stage process is designed to help your business flourish in the ever-evolving world of crypto services:
Your Role
Share your vision, including target market, unique value propositions, planned services, and your orchestration strategy for vendor solutions.
Our Role
Using our comprehensive expertise, we'll provide strategic advice, regulatory evaluations, and IT infrastructure assessments, propose alternative vendors if needed, and demonstrate feasibility through technology prototypes.
Our Offer
Upon successful strategic planning, we're equipped to assist in software development, focusing on providing short-term solutions with long-term compliant operations in view.
Your Benefit
We'll collaborate to establish robust structures, crafting an effective framework for your crypto services that aligns with your unique objectives.
Our Offer
As our partnership matures, we'll guide you through the intricate licensing process, providing technical inputs necessary for the processes and operations needed for license applications.
Our Offer
After successful licensing, we stand ready to provide a compliant, ready-to-use system designed for seamless deployment.
Your Advantage
You'll be empowered to operate in the competitive crypto landscape with a compliant solution that meets your specific needs and regulatory requirements.
Our Approach
Key Features
Crypto industry specific analytical modeling capability
Automated Trade Execution, Pool Management & Hedging
Real-Time Inventory Management & PnL Posting
Proactive & Continuous AML & KYC Enforcement
3-Level Asset Isolation for AML/Fraud Requirements
Fast-in-Class Virtual Wallet on Client and Corporate level
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